I cannot believe it has been almost a whole year since I have updated my blog. It has been a very busy year. I have a new job, so I am no longer a legal secretary. Thankfully, I'm not an illegal one either. Just a regular one. Now that I have the new job taken care of, my time has been spent looking for a new house and trying to get the old house ready to sell. It's a fun yet frustrating process. I'll be happy when the old house is sold and I'm settled into my new abode.
On the writing front, nothing much cooking there. Poor Jason and Katrina are really upset about that too. They are anxious to experience their happily ever after and don't want to wait for my real life to get settled. Hang in there, you two. You'll become "real." Really, you will.

While the new writing isn't shaking, the old writing is doing well. "A Life Worth Living" is still selling a 16 months after release. This book has done so much better than I ever expected. I cannot complain one little bit. I feel truly blessed by this book's success. Thank you God!

Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog. Hopefully it won't take an entire year for me to do the next post. Until we "meet" again, have wonderful lives over on your side of the computer screen.
So, how smart do you think you are? If you really want to know, take the quiz about A Life Worth Living on Goodreads - click here to take the quiz. 
My publisher, Storyteller Publishing, is offering a chance to win a free copy of A Life Worth Living. How cool is that? To enter for your chance to win, click here.
I just got my third month book sales statement and I am very excited to say that sales are going well. Thank you guys! What was really a shocker and oh so neat is I've sold books in the UK, in Germany, and in Spain. How cool is that?

Yo, France? Italy? How about China? You guys don't want to be shown up by the other guys, do you?

Seriously, I am thrilled that the book is spreading the world. Yay! 
God has blessed us with an absolutely beautiful morning. The sun is out and it's shining on the trees, setting the oranges, reds, and yellows aglow. There's even a rooster outside my window saying "It's a beautiful day, get off your butt and come enjoy the last days of summer." Okay, that's not REALLY what he said, but I'm sure that's what his crowing means. Seriously, it is a beautiful day. I hope it’s as nice wherever you are and I hope you get out and enjoy the day.

About the rooster, yes, there really is a rooster. Something my son came home with about a month ago. What ever happened to kids coming home with a puppy? He followed me home. Can I keep him? But, no, my son has to come home with a rooster. In a live trap. Can't quite use "he followed me home" with that one. Regardless, I'm easy-going enough that Tyler didn't bother asking if he could keep it and I didn't bother saying get rid of that thing. It's kind of fun having Roger (yes, that's the rooster's name) hanging around, but I'm not quite ready to get Roger a bunch of hens to add more droppings to my yard. Unfortunately, it's getting cold out at night and soon it'll be cold during the day, too, so we're going to have to figure out what to do with good ol' Roger so he doesn't become a roostercicle. Or, worse yet, dinner.

With that, I must get back to doing my Sunday school lesson. Maybe something on the beauty of God's world. Maybe I'll drag the kids out into the sunshine and force them to have some fun. Wouldn't that be awful?

Have a great day.
Hello out there. I am still alive, in case you were wondering. My goal was to do a blog update weekly. Well, Labor Day weekend I was busy having fun with my hubbly wubblie's family and this past weekend I was busy selling book (oh, and jewelry too) at a weekend craft show (Art in the Park). So, I've been a busy girl. Hopefully this mid-week (can you call Monday "mid-week"?) post will keep you all satisfied for a while. Now, I must go do some cleaning (yuck) and make up for the mess I made getting ready for the craft show. Have a great week.
Because last week's attempt to get to know you went so well, I'm offering up another question this week.

If you had to come up with your own definition of "success", what would it be?

When you hear "success", your mind immediately goes to riches and fame (well, at least mine did). But I believe success really means that you've achieved a goal you've set. I also think success can be measured in what type of person you are. If you're honest and caring, you can be dirt poor and still be a success.

So, how are YOU successful?
I apologize for not doing regular blog posts. It's a hazard of having a full-time job and other things pulling at my attention. I am going to do my best to be a bit more regular with my posts. Okay, "regular" might be a bit strong. How about we aim for something like more frequent with my posts. There. That sounds more realistic, right?

I really would like to get to know you while giving you the opportunity to get to know me better. So I'm going to post questions for you to answer that I'll answer as well. I will do my very best to do at least one post a week. Let's get some conversations going here, okay?

Our first question is...
If your taste buds could be altered so the taste of any one food would be dramatically intensified whenever you ate it, which food would you choose?

My answer...
So many foods to choose from. And I have to limit it to one? Acutally, it's not that hard a choice for me. One food immediately came to mind. It would be pizza. And, when you think about it, pizza really is an ideal choice. There's so many tastes on a pizza because there's so many toppings you can pile on it. Eating pizza with dramatically intensified taste buds would be like a food explosion in your mouth, don't you think? The downfall to having pizza be taste-intensified is that it's already my favorite food and it's not exactly a low-cal food. So, here's a food that I already love that I'm now going to love even more and thus will want to eat it even more often. But still, I'd gladly eat a taste-intensified pizza and I'd enjoy every second of it.

So, tell me (please share!), what would be your taste-intensified food choice?
If you ordered A Life Worth Living through Barnes & Noble, you likely received an email just like I got that your order was cancelled. Obviously, I called B&N to rant and rave. I got a stupid explanation that they have mulitiple warehouses and that one warehouse has the book and the other warehouses don't and that the orders for A Life Worth Living was sent to the warehouse that doesn't have the book and instead of that warehouse sending the orders on to the warehouse that does have the book they simply cancelled the orders instead. There really truly and honestly are copies of A Life Worth Living available at B&N. Really. I really hate to make you all do this, but PLEASE call Barnes & Noble to get your order un-cancelled. The number you need to call is 1-800-843-2665. First choose option 1 for orders and then choose option 0 (even though they don't offer that option) for operator. When a human comes on the line, tell them you want to be transferred to a manager. Then, when a manager comes on the line, explain that you received an email that your order has been cancelled and that you KNOW there really are copies of the book and that you do not want it cancelled. Make the manager person re-enter your order and make sure they give you the pre-order rate you got when you first placed your order. I'm sorry you need to jump through these hoops. More sorry than you can imagine. But it will be worth it. Thank you so much for your understanding, and thanks for re-ordering the book.
It's official - A Life Worth Living is a "real" book now. It was released yesterday. I hear there's a big party across the nation today to celebrate. There'll be fireworks and picnics. All for the release of A Life Worth Living. Well, okay. Maybe the big celebration has to do with our independence, but let me have my little fantasy for a while, okay?

Hope you're all enjoying today's festivities. Stay safe. No blowing off a finger