If you ordered A Life Worth Living through Barnes & Noble, you likely received an email just like I got that your order was cancelled. Obviously, I called B&N to rant and rave. I got a stupid explanation that they have mulitiple warehouses and that one warehouse has the book and the other warehouses don't and that the orders for A Life Worth Living was sent to the warehouse that doesn't have the book and instead of that warehouse sending the orders on to the warehouse that does have the book they simply cancelled the orders instead. There really truly and honestly are copies of A Life Worth Living available at B&N. Really. I really hate to make you all do this, but PLEASE call Barnes & Noble to get your order un-cancelled. The number you need to call is 1-800-843-2665. First choose option 1 for orders and then choose option 0 (even though they don't offer that option) for operator. When a human comes on the line, tell them you want to be transferred to a manager. Then, when a manager comes on the line, explain that you received an email that your order has been cancelled and that you KNOW there really are copies of the book and that you do not want it cancelled. Make the manager person re-enter your order and make sure they give you the pre-order rate you got when you first placed your order. I'm sorry you need to jump through these hoops. More sorry than you can imagine. But it will be worth it. Thank you so much for your understanding, and thanks for re-ordering the book.

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