God has blessed us with an absolutely beautiful morning. The sun is out and it's shining on the trees, setting the oranges, reds, and yellows aglow. There's even a rooster outside my window saying "It's a beautiful day, get off your butt and come enjoy the last days of summer." Okay, that's not REALLY what he said, but I'm sure that's what his crowing means. Seriously, it is a beautiful day. I hope it’s as nice wherever you are and I hope you get out and enjoy the day.

About the rooster, yes, there really is a rooster. Something my son came home with about a month ago. What ever happened to kids coming home with a puppy? He followed me home. Can I keep him? But, no, my son has to come home with a rooster. In a live trap. Can't quite use "he followed me home" with that one. Regardless, I'm easy-going enough that Tyler didn't bother asking if he could keep it and I didn't bother saying get rid of that thing. It's kind of fun having Roger (yes, that's the rooster's name) hanging around, but I'm not quite ready to get Roger a bunch of hens to add more droppings to my yard. Unfortunately, it's getting cold out at night and soon it'll be cold during the day, too, so we're going to have to figure out what to do with good ol' Roger so he doesn't become a roostercicle. Or, worse yet, dinner.

With that, I must get back to doing my Sunday school lesson. Maybe something on the beauty of God's world. Maybe I'll drag the kids out into the sunshine and force them to have some fun. Wouldn't that be awful?

Have a great day.
10/9/2013 15:21:55

Your blog was so simple, I went ahead and created one too, thank you.


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