I will admit, I am from an era that wasn't raised on computers. When I was a teen, we had to take out a pen and paper and...gasp!...actually write. Yes, we even had to use this thing called a postage stamp to send mail. 

Anyhow, my point is, I'm not from the world of blogs. And I have a question for you, my blog reader friends. How do you utilize a blog? Is it just for fun? For your reading enjoyment? Or are you looking for specific content?

What do you find annoying in a blog? What do you hope to find in a blog? What makes you say to yourself, "Self, that was a great read"? With your input, I hope to create a blog that might someday be on a list of top blogs. Well, okay, that might be a stretch. How about if we just aim for creating a blog that gets more than just my family as readers. (Hey, family, you ARE out there, aren't you?) 

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