Happy Easter. I hope the Easter bunny was good to you. For me, that would mean the Easter bunny didn't bring me any chocolate...which he didn't. So, I guess the Easter bunny was very good to me. I did, however, eye up the Dove chocolate bunny that I saw at the grocery store. Mmm. When the candy is reduced in price tomorrow, I might have a harder time avoiding all that sweet chocolate.

My hubbly wubbly and I got together with my family yesterday and had our Easer celebration, so today it's a quiet day. We're going later to Pizza Hut for our first annual Easter pizza. Now, to make it really be an Easter pizza, does that mean it needs to have Easter grass on it and chocolate eggs? Speaking of which, a bit of advice that my husband gave me...the little chocolate eggs that the Easter bunny lays outside...um, it's not chocolate. Don't eat it! I hope I wasn't too late in passing on that advice.

Have a great rest of your Easter. And God bless you and your family.


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