Any of you mothers out there will be able to relate to this. Yesterday, I held my baby for the first time. No, not a real baby. But I worked oh so much harder on the creation of this "baby." I got in the mail yesterday my advanced reader copy of A Life Worth Living. What a truly special moment. I smiled. I danced. I cried. I did all three at the same time (because I am oh so talented, you know). With each step in the publishing process, this whole thing has become more real for me. But, to actually have the book in my hands with a cover and dedications and the official copyright page in the front. Oh my! This is a real book! It's no longer just words that I fed into my computer. It's an actual, honest to goodness book. I hope you'll all share in my enjoyment by rushing off to buy it July 3rd. Remember, there's a huge country-wide celebration the next day. Just for me and my baby.

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