Happy Valentine's Day world! What a neat holiday for a romance writer. What a neat holiday in general. I mean, flowers and chocolates. What's not to like about that?

I think my Valentine's Day present might just be something really unusual but really fun. I have been dropping hints to my hubby about wanting to see One for the Money. Unfortunately, it appears to be practically non-existent in my parts. One cinema in a 58 mile radius of my home seems to be running it and it ends this Thursday. Hmm. Maybe should have pushed to see the movie a few weeks ago when I could have seen it on a weekend. But, that wouldn't have been a Valentine's day present, now, would it have? So, keep your fingers crossed that this actually happens, my getting to see the movie based on my favorite fictional character.
Tell me about your Valentine's Day, how you plan to spend it, or what your idea of a great Valentine's Day would be.

Be on the look out for cupid!

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