I cannot believe it has been almost a whole year since I have updated my blog. It has been a very busy year. I have a new job, so I am no longer a legal secretary. Thankfully, I'm not an illegal one either. Just a regular one. Now that I have the new job taken care of, my time has been spent looking for a new house and trying to get the old house ready to sell. It's a fun yet frustrating process. I'll be happy when the old house is sold and I'm settled into my new abode.
On the writing front, nothing much cooking there. Poor Jason and Katrina are really upset about that too. They are anxious to experience their happily ever after and don't want to wait for my real life to get settled. Hang in there, you two. You'll become "real." Really, you will.

While the new writing isn't shaking, the old writing is doing well. "A Life Worth Living" is still selling a 16 months after release. This book has done so much better than I ever expected. I cannot complain one little bit. I feel truly blessed by this book's success. Thank you God!

Thank you for taking the time to read this little blog. Hopefully it won't take an entire year for me to do the next post. Until we "meet" again, have wonderful lives over on your side of the computer screen.

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